How We Structure Our Product Strategy & Delivery Teams

We take time to get the right people working alongside us. The next step is to get them to play nice, and do great things, together.

95% of our clients renew their agreements with us, and this isn't by accident or luck. We've structured our product delivery teams to deliver value, day in and day out. Product delivery is our core business, and it's one thing we absolutely have to get right.

Here are 3 principles we have when it comes to client product delivery.

1. We are the same team, always.

Some agencies are a black box. They disappear for two weeks and you hope they come back with what you wanted. We will always lead the delivery process while collaborating and integrating with your team, and be transparent along the way.

2. One size doesn’t fit all, but some sizes work better than others.

We adapt our team structure to your current needs and capabilities. Have a great UX design team already? Great, we can’t wait to meet them. Have a strong front-end design engineering team but need some strong back-end engineers? Fantastic, we’ve never met a front-end engineer we didn’t like.

3. We think in terms of teams, not individuals.

While we sometimes help with strategic sourcing of particular roles, we typically provide a cohesive team to deliver for you.

These principles are what helps us deliver the results that we do. But, these principles are only effective if the structure of the delivery teams are correct. And as I said above, one size doesn't fit all. We have a unique flexible structure that integrates with our client's teams, to maximize collaboration between our teams.

Whether it's a full product execution team, a product strategy team, or an advisory team, we mix and match talent to supplement your delivery teams:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Strategist
  • Agile Project Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • UX Lead
  • UX Designer

Flexibility drives performance

Being a long-term partner for our clients, means that we have to fit in to their structure, and not the other way around. By structuring our teams to be flexible, and agile, it has helped us accelerate our delivery, and be a true partner for our clients.

When we operate as one team, great things happen. Between our product strategy, product design, and product development services, we have an incredible set of capabilities to accomplish any goal. If you would like more information about how our flexible teams can operate within your organization, please reach out to us and we'll set up a time to talk.

September 22, 2020

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