Product Design Services

When "Wow" Is What You're Looking For

We are a digital product design agency with a focus on human-centered design. Through our UX research, rapid prototyping and customer feedback process, we design beautiful digital products that solve the right problems. We’ve designed mobile apps that have been downloaded millions of times, with thousands of positive reviews, and have been featured on Tier 1 Publication including CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Tribune. Our digital product design agency is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.


User Research & Testing

Know your customers in and out.

  • Get a deeper understanding of your users
  • Validate every step of the way

Journey Mapping

Understand the goals and intentions of your users.

  • Map your customer's journey through your app
  • Build experiences suited specifically for them

Rapid Prototyping

Validate your research with rapid prototypes.

  • Prototypes for validating your research
  • Understand your progress

Build Better Products With Human-Centered Design (HCD) + Agile

Striking the right balance between Agile methodologies and Human-Centered Design (HCD) principles can be a challenge for product design and development teams. We examine how to relieve healthy tension between the two strategies to find the right customer-market fit.


Deep Dive Into Our Processes

Exploratory research - To start, we perform in-depth research to understand your users and how they are affected by a particular problem.

Define the problem - We believe great technology solves problems. Using human-centered design principles, we define user problems that allow us to solve the right problems with the greatest outcomes

Rapid prototyping & feedback - Creating user personas, journey maps, and simple prototypes provides assets to quickly and efficiently receive user and stakeholder feedback.

Iteration - We continue to iterate, test, and integrate user feedback until we have found the right solution for your users.

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