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Who We Are

Foxbox Digital is a Chicago-based digital agency committed to helping companies solve problems with technology. We are a team of engineers, product people, designers, and entrepreneurs that Move Purposely to build and launch successful digital products. From Fortune 50 brands to successful startups, we arm best-in-class businesses with innovative solutions for an increasingly digital world.

Our History

About Foxbox Digital

Our Leadership Team

Rob Volk

Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of Foxbox Digital, Rob helps companies build great, impactful digital products. Prior to starting Foxbox he served as CTO and Co-Founder of Detective (detective.io), CTO of Beyond Diet, and helped numerous Fortune 100 clients, including Pfizer, USPS, and Morgan Stanley build and scale complex software applications. Read his full bio.

Why Foxbox Digital?

Our clients partner with us because of our ability to move quickly, breakthrough technology roadblocks, and build products that users love. We understand how to ask the right questions in order to uncover the right problems, and we have built our company culture around how we can make the biggest impact for your business and customers.


Where We Are

We have developed a delivery model centered around flexibility and speed. Our headquarters is in Chicago, where leadership, project management, and senior architects are located. Our fantastic team of developers is located across Latin America in Brazil, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic. This allows us to move at the speed of our clients, and deliver the quality that is expected from us.

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“They are professionals, talented, smart. They are committed with a very strong core team. They owned the problem.”


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