We Launched a New Website — Here’s a Behind-The-Scenes on How and Why We Made Certain Decisions

If you haven’t read my quarterly update, now is a good time to check it out. There are a lot of great things happening at Foxbox Digital, including a newly refreshed website.

Since I’ve always been a big fan of reading about other “behind-the-scenes” articles, I thought I would go ahead and share our thought process on refreshing our website.

The world of “apps” is changing and we’re getting ahead of it. So, we changed our name to “Foxbox Digital”

Yes, we still build React Native Apps. But, we’re also marketing our digital services that we never really talked about on our previous website. We are not in the business of building commoditized apps. That ship sailed a long time ago. We are, however, in the business of not only building digital experiences for our clients but also helping them be better at building web and mobile projects with Agile.

With this new website and services section at the bottom, we’re now firmly planting our seeds in helping startups and enterprise clients grow their business. This includes Agile Coaching, Continuous Delivery, and Elixir Consulting.

So, the change to Foxbox Digital was our signal to the world that we’re evolving with our clients’ needs.

We stopped ignoring our blog and published a 6,000+ word article on Agile enterprise product development

Nothing screams “we’re ready for the world” more than the longest, most valuable, blog post you’ve ever published since starting the company. Once the team started writing about Agile product development in the enterprise, it became clear we had a lot of things to say. We actually cut quite a bit to keep it on message, but it’s still a beast of a post.

Our blog is featured at the top of our navigation and you won’t be disappointed. We timed the blog post with the release of our website.

We made the website scrolling an engaging experience

If you notice when scrolling down on the home page, you get an orange progress line in the middle of the page that leads you down the page, and after you reach the next section, it moves over to the left side of the website.

Home Page Foxbox Digital Scrolling

We thought this was a nice touch and helped users scroll to the next section, but it also subtly lets them reach the copy for each main header. It’s too tempting to browse a website in less than 3 seconds, so we designed it in a way to increase the time on the site and give the user a little delight as they browse.

Bonus points if you see how the orange line stops on the home page. It’s little touches like this that we do for our clients that they truly enjoy, so we decided to do the same for ourselves.

We were sick and tired of other website taglines, so we did something different.

Do you know how every website redesign starts? By looking at other websites of competitors and finding the ones you really like. We noticed that a majority of them had a similar theme: They all had the tagline as the main leading in point.

And they all basically say the same thing: “We build the best apps on planet earth and our customers love us”

We thought that one of our case studies, Home Chef, was a great way to introduce our prospective customers to the type of work we do. Given our ongoing relationship with Kroger-owned, Home Chef, we decided to lead with it.

We are still only 65% done, but for the sake of Agile, we launched it anyway

We really wanted to launch with full descriptions of each service offer, but honestly, we couldn’t fit it in without significantly delaying the launch.

Agile Coaching Services Foxbox Digital

Give us three more months and you’ll definitely see more orange links expanding on Elixir, Agile Coaching, and Continuous Deployment consulting.

This Agile approach is what we recommend for our clients, and I think it’s important for us to share features that we quite haven’t finished yet.

We focused on color and simplicity

Our team photos before were black and white, and adding color might not seem like a big deal, but it does add a world of difference.

Foxbox Digital Home Page

Additionally, instead of paragraph-long texts about our services and our work, we instead opted for large visuals and simple, clean copy. In addition to their titles, we also added what skill sets they have. It’s a small tweak, but it added a lot more context to the type of work and team that we have.

The fox is still the boss

Even though we added “Digital” to our name, we are staying true to our roots. The fox is the boss and it remains pinned at the top of the page when scrolling.

Foxbox logo

We couldn’t stomach losing him.

We are going to take our newsletter a little bit more seriously

If you like posts like this and want to hear from us in the future, enter your email address here and every time I send an update or the team has something interesting to say, you’ll get a nice little email in your inbox.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support as we continue to grow our digital service offerings. We’re halfway 2019 and it’s clear this is our best year yet. Thank you! As always, if you have any questions or want to work with us, please visit our contact page for more information.

June 28, 2019
Rob Volk
Rob Volk

Rob Volk is Foxbox Digital’s founder and CEO. Prior to starting Foxbox, Rob helped Fortune 100 clients, including Pfizer, USPS, and Morgan Stanley build and scale enterprise apps. He was the CTO of Beyond Diet and implemented technology that scaled to over 350k+ customers, and was the CTO and Co-Founder of Detective (detective.io), a venture-backed intelligence platform that amassed 200k+ users in a short time frame. Read more

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