How we Helped Rain, a Brokerage, Deliver Consistency, Speed and Trust to its Users

Rain is a licensed, Bahrain-based cryptocurrency brokerage that services the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa. With over 1 million users, $2 billion in transactions in 2021, over 70 cryptocurrencies available, and over $128mm in funding, Rain’s aim to expand into new markets meant they needed to deliver the type of consistent, credible and seamless user experience expected from dominant global brokerages.

The target for Rain 2.0 was clear:

  • Bring the newly revamped Rain brand identity to life consistently across both mobile and web experiences
  • Equip marketing and growth teams to adapt more nimbly without development support
  • Enhance security and user insight within the Rain 2.0 mobile app experience
  • Position Rain for future growth opportunities

Through a partnership built on close collaboration, rapid experimentation and meticulous execution, we made Rain 2.0 a reality. Here’s how:

Foxbox proved to be an invaluable partner in bringing Rain 2.0 to life. The headless CMS was a game changer for our marketing and growth teams, and their ability to solve problems collaboratively meant we were always in good hands.
Joseph Dallago, Co-Founder & CEO, Rain

Overcoming Manual Madness

Prior to engaging Foxbox, the Rain team’s ability to grow user engagement on was held back by an arduously manual content management process. Regulatory requirements presented mission-critical obstacles unique to every region. Pages lacked the aesthetic consistency needed to build affinity and trust with users.

Rain had invested in a world-class brand identity. But the limitations of their existing platforms were preventing them from putting it to proper use.

Going Headless with Contentful

Rain needed something unique: a robust, user-friendly marketing platform that operates like a WordPress website but doesn’t look like one.

A traditional platform wouldn’t give Rain the flexibility it needed, so we chose Contentful, a “headless” CMS. Because Contentful is “headless,” we were able to custom-design the front-end of the website to achieve Rain’s preferred aesthetic, while still allowing for easy composability, and seamless integration with the rest of the Rain platform.

We built a set of components, configured them, then mapped them to code written by the Foxbox team. Rain’s marketing and growth teams can now create marketing, informational, promotional, and even new custom pages without compromising consistency in design.

Leveraging Storybook, a component warehouse tool, users can choose and customize building blocks—images, trading components, features, slides, carousels, testimonials, calls to action, and footers—then combine them to create a page without the need for technical support.

Rain understood that the user interface is the most important tool in building trust.
Antonio Arista, Android Engineer, Foxbox

Given the extraordinarily different regulatory and language requirements between regions served by Rain, extending the new Rain 2.0 CMS and user experience meant no detail could be left behind.

This included the “support” section of Rain’s website. When users need assistance, a ticket is submitted through Zendesk. Functionally the system worked fine, but a typical Zendesk form had limited options in terms of aesthetic design.

To unify the Rain look and feel across every touchpoint, we built a custom rendering of the Zendesk form to match the rest of the site.

Now, Rain’s growth and marketing teams have the ability to create regionally appropriate, seamlessly created and consistently expressed pages - down to the last legal disclaimer, policy header and rich text component.

The Rain 2.0 Mobile App

Armed with an intimate knowledge of the unique regulatory challenges of each service region and Rain’s vision for growth, Foxbox was also brought in to help evolve the Rain mobile app to match the progress made on the new site.

Working closely alongside Rain’s development team, we helped build the Rain 2.0 mobile app for both iOS and Android on a foundation of security, ease-of-use and seamless adaptability.

Our work included robust, flexible systems to maintain Know Your Customer (KYC) standards required in the investment industry. KYC refers to how critical information about users is verified - including address authentication, lifeness check and other measures to prevent identity theft and fraud. Because each region served by Rain had its own requirements, we built the necessary flexibility in from the start.

Evolving the Rain mobile app also meant helping enhance core elements of a Rain user’s everyday experience. Including new responsive currency search engines and new real-time portfolio views, users are now able to navigate a seamless, consistent and intuitive Rain experience whether they’re reading educational content on the web or checking their balance on-the-go.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a massive jump in customers telling us how well-designed, simple and easy-to-use the app is.
Joseph Dallago, Co-Founder & CEO, Rain

Poised for Growth

With marketing and growth teams now more nimble than ever, Rain is equipped with the tools necessary to expand to new markets, adapt to change and continue serving its users a tailored experience that keeps them coming back.

Tech stack

  • Web
    • Headless CMS: Contentful
    • Customer Support: Zendesk
  • Mobile
    • iOS
      • Programming language: Swift
      • Architecture: Model-View-ViewModel
      • Responsive UI: UIKit
      • Animation: Lottie
      • REST Service consumption: RESTBuilder
  • Android
    • Programming language: Kotlin
    • Architecture: Model-View-ViewModel with Google Clean Architecture Guidelines
    • Data management: StateFlows & SharedFlows
    • Responsive UI: Live Data
    • Declarative UIs: Jetpack Compose
    • Binding of screens: Jetpack Navigation
    • Internal Data storage: Room Database
    • REST Service consumption: Retrofit
January 18, 2023

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