How We Helped Axis Group Deliver its Clients a Transformative Data & Analytics Product

“The single pane of glass.”

In the data & analytics world, it means accessing vast data systems through a single, streamlined user experience. The “single pane of glass” is an elusive holy grail of insight, efficiency and data-inspired decisions, and one that businesses spend millions to pursue externally or build in-house.

Atlanta-based data & analytics consultancy Axis saw an opportunity to help its clients unlock the value of an organization-wide decision making tool in a different way: by building it for them.

The product is called HELIX. Here’s how we helped make it real:

The Problem: Scaling without Breaking

Customer demand for HELIX was high, and early user feedback necessitated stable continuous improvement. But as demand began to outpace their ability to improve stability, add new features, and scale the core technology, delivering customers the right product meant enlisting the right help.

We were so focused on maintaining the product that building and deploying new features was a big challenge.
Jerry DiMaso, Chief Product Offer, Axis Group

Enter Foxbox.

The Solution: Think Holistically, Build Quickly

As a primarily services-based consultancy, Axis Group’s investment in HELIX is the company’s first venture into a product-driven offering for clients. So not only did we help accelerate their ability to build, scale and evolve the core platform, but we worked alongside their senior technical leaders to complement their deep industry expertise with a wider, user-driven approach to product-building.

Foxbox looked at the engagement more holistically than most consulting companies. They’ve really taken ownership of what they’re building.
Jerry DiMaso, Chief Product Officer, Axis Group

We started by building foundational processes to help turn client feedback into easily prioritized and actionable product improvements. Getting the right people in the right place meant better Agile ceremonies, smarter bug categorization and efficient ways of working that allow Axis Senior Developers to use their unique industry experience where it’s most valuable.

Through an automated CI/CD pipeline, routine maintenance of the HELIX codebase can now be easily maintained, replacing arduous manual deployment processes with predictability and speed.

Perhaps most significantly, close collaboration with the core Axis engineering team included

Migrating the entire HELIX platform to Kubernetes, unlocking a new world of value in operational efficiency, scalability and multi-cloud security.

Migrating to Kubernetes was a huge endeavor, and would not have been possible without Foxbox.
Jerry DiMaso, Chief Product Offer, The Axis Group 

The Impact: A tool with transformative power

HELIX is the type of game-changing product many Axis customers have tried building themselves for years. Axis is now delivering it to thousands of users every day. And with a 125% increase in average contract value and now 2.5x longer contracts, HELIX is already proving to be a product worth rallying around.

It’s changing the way everyone is thinking about what we do as a company.
Jerry DiMaso, Chief Product Offer, Axis Group

Tech stack

  • Front-end: React
  • Backend: .NETcore
April 25, 2023

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