How We Helped Anthem Launch a Mobile Telehealth Product During a Pandemic

On January 1st, 2020, just as the spread of COVID-19 was gaining momentum, Anthem, Inc., a leading health benefits company that serves over 110 million people through their affiliated companies, launched a virtual care app, Sydney Care.

Foxbox Digital collaborated with the Sydney Care team as the lead mobile app development partner, because of Foxbox’s experience and deep knowledge of React Native.

Sydney Care, available on iOS and Android, utilizes AI-driven guidance to empower users to assess their symptoms and then choose the virtual care option that’s best for them. Additionally, through its COVID-19 Resource Center, Sydney Care provides an end-to-end solution that helps employees more safely return to the workplace.

“We built a solution that some of our customers have reviewed as being ‘life-changing.’ The ability to address health issues without physically going to a doctor, and in the comfort of their own home, is a rewarding experience to be part of, and we continue to see the growing impact of our telehealth platform.”

- Plamen Petrov, Ph.D., Vice President, Exponential Technologies, Anthem, Inc.

A Successful, Impactful Launch

In 2020, Sydney Care was downloaded over 260,000 times, while thousands of users continue to utilize the application daily to diagnose symptoms and seek guidance for their health conditions from a device that lives in their pockets. Additionally, over 41,000 people have assessed their COVID-19 symptoms using Sydney Care.

Sydney Care mobile app

The pandemic has forced many professionals to work from home and prevented critical care for many non-COVID patients. Sydney Care became a desired application for many people who needed preventative care, and also consumers with chronic illnesses.

“I was able to quickly chat with a doctor this afternoon about allergies and pick up my prescription within an hour. This beat taking 3-hours out of my workday, fighting traffic, and sitting in a waiting room (especially right now during a pandemic) to see a doctor. I found a new way to do health care,”

- jscrmil1, 04/14/2020 iOS App Store

A Delightful Mobile Experience (Built in React Native)

As the React Native mobile development experts, we interacted with Anthem’s Product, UX, Business, Integration, Authentication, Backend Development, and Security teams to build both iOS and Android native applications, using a single React Native codebase.

Sydney Care mobile app

React Native allowed us to develop one app that works natively on iOS and Android instead of building two separate apps with disconnected codebases. Using React Native as the programming language enabled Anthem to streamline development and maintenance costs while still creating a stellar mobile consumer experience.

Through our collaboration and contributions, we delivered these core features and benefits:

  • Integrated Video and Chat for Virtual Doctor Visits: Chat in real-time over video and text with healthcare providers.
  • AI-Based Symptom Checker:This triage functionality in the app allows a seamless experience for consumers to check their symptoms and get personalized guidance.
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On:A login-less experience for existing customers, as well as integration with other insurance providers.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: All of the technical enterprise security protocols needed without sacrificing the experience for the consumer.
  • Payments: The ability to pay via credit, debit, or via insurance provider, all within the app.

A COVID-19 Return to Workplace Solution Built in 10 days

As Covid-19 started growing, we quickly pivoted along with Anthem’s product and design teams to develop an AI-powered Covid-19 daily-check in solution that helps protect workers by keeping potentially infected employees away from the workplace.

We developed the front-end and back-end of this new functionality and published on both app stores (iOS and Android) within 10 days—in addition to a previously-created COVID-19 assessment solution. This service is currently being used by many large organizations, some with 30,000+ employees, and more partnerships to come.

Better Healthcare Experiences Start with a Seamless Digital Experience

Together, with the partnership of Anthem’s robust global design, product, and integrated teams, we assisted in the development of an easy-to-use, direct-to-consumer mobile telehealth solution. With the added complexity of working within an enterprise environment, we continued to be flexible and agile in our approach of acting like a startup within an enterprise.

We’re honored to work alongside a leader in healthcare and innovation.

“They are professionals, talented, smart. They are committed, with a very strong core team. They owned the problem."

- Elliott Torres, Staff VP, AI and Architecture

February 8, 2021

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