Foxbox: Goodbye 2023 & Hello 2024!

Goodbye 2023!

You were good to us. Not only did we add eight new team members and five new clients, but 2023 marked the most time and energy we’ve ever spent working on a client that’s often easy to keep on the back burner: Ourselves.

Here’s what it looked like for us in 2023:

AI Lab

The launch of AI Lab at the end of 2023 marked our most significant commitment to date in helping clients harness the power of AI. From design exploratories to determine how AI fits into your business, to incorporating AI-powered functionality directly into a digital product, AI Lab is designed to separate the helpful from the overhyped.

Bolstered by new methodologies and a renewed focus on client collaboration, our Product Inception offering has transformed how we lead businesses through the strategy, design and product blueprint process. Read more about AI Lab.

Product Maintenance

We formed a new team within Foxbox dedicated to Product Maintenance. As a combination of engineers, QA specialists and specialized service managers, Foxbox Product Maintenance plays an invaluable role in giving our clients the proactive, predictable support they depend on for their production applications. Read more about our Managed Product Maintenance service.


The healthcare industry continues to prove to be an area of strength for us as a digital product partner. We added two Healthcare clients to our roster in 2023, and continue to organize our teams to match our industry experience to the inherent complexities digital-first healthcare companies face. Read more about Healthcare @ Foxbox.

Centers of Excellence

We reorganized our engineering teams around core specialties: web & backend, mobile, and QA. Our foxes felt the changes in efficiency, team morale, process and overall quality almost immediately.

AI Event

We hosted our first live discussion about Generative AI in November. John Nicholson from In4mation Insights was kind enough to join us for a candid, practical conversation about all things Generative AI and the future of digital product development. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Our foxes love to post about the tech they love:

Hello 2024!

With 2023 in the books, it’s time to look ahead. My feet may be frozen. And my snow boots may be salty. But I couldn’t be more optimistic about what 2024 will hold.

AI Training & Development

We’re big believers that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Generative AI is capable of. That’s why we’re doubling down on the training and hands-on experimentation necessary to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We’re even building our own tools using OpenAI, including a project estimation tool built by our AI Lab.

Making 2024 the Year of our People

Our people are our most important asset. The new operating model solidified in 2023 has made a tremendous impact on our ability to make our teams more cohesive, connected and positioned for personal growth. Together with our leadership team, I look forward to building on that momentum, creating new opportunities for meaningful time together and a more intentional approach to the culture, habits and expectations that shape us as a company.

AI Event in Chicago!

We’re hosting a series of small and intimate gatherings designed to provide time and space for meaningful, candid conversations about digital products & AIGenerative AI and digital products.

Our next event is coming up in Chicago on February 7 to answer your questions around AI. If you’re in town, reserve a spot and we’ll see you there!

We’re hiring!

If you or someone you know is curious about working at Foxbox, and you don’t see a relevant open role below, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re a remote-first company with big plans. We’re looking for top-tier talent to join our team.

Thanks for reading!


January 31, 2024
Rob Volk
Rob Volk

Rob Volk is Foxbox Digital’s founder and CEO. Prior to starting Foxbox, Rob helped Fortune 500 clients, including Pfizer, USPS, and Morgan Stanley build and scale enterprise apps. He was the CTO of Beyond Diet and implemented technology that scaled to over 350k+ customers, and was the CTO and Co-Founder of Detective (, a venture-backed intelligence platform that amassed 200k+ users in a short time frame. Read more

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