Foxbox Founder's Update - 2023 Q1

Foxbox turned 5!

When I reflect back to when I founded Foxbox five years ago, my concept was simple: to create digital products for clients using a modern approach while delivering them high-value. Focus on the problem our clients are looking to solve. Measure twice, cut once. I believed if I surrounded myself with the right people, wherever they happened to live, we could.

We’re now 5 years in and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished, learned and how we’ve grown.

We’ve helped clients across healthcare, financial services, ed-tech, crypto and hospitality build products that are indispensable to both their customers and their business. We’ve learned that people obsessed with doing great work tend to find each other, and that improving a remote-first culture starts with listening to the people that inhabit it.

With that in mind, Q1 of 2023 was another successful chapter. Our teams delivered stellar work that I’m thrilled to finally share.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Celebrating Our Clients’ Success

Axis Data & Analytics Product

In the data & analytics world, the “single pane of glass” is an elusive holy grail of insight, efficiency and data-inspired decisions, and one that businesses spend millions to pursue externally or build in-house.

Atlanta-based data & analytics consultancy Axis saw an opportunity to help its clients unlock the value of an organization-wide decision making tool in a different way: by building it for them.

The product is called HELIX. We helped make it real. Here’s how.


We were named one of fastest growing companies in the Midwest by again!

Read about the award on

StormWind Studios awarded Foxbox the Game Changer Award

The honor was celebrating our role launching Spectre, StormWind’s custom IT training platform. Huge thank you to Storm Wind for the honor and special shoutout to our own Alejandro Jimenez, Amelia Leigner, Anthony Medrano, Francisco Macagno, Francisco Villaquiran, Rodrigo Noguti - the recognition is well deserved and we’re lucky to have you.

We’re hiring!

If you or someone you know is curious about working at Foxbox, and you don’t see a relevant open role below, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re a remote-first company achieving big things. We’re looking for top-tier talent to join our team.

Thanks for reading!


May 23, 2023

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