Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Modernize Your Applications & Infrastructure

We specialize in all three major cloud vendors: AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), and GCP (Google), as well as Digital Ocean. Whether you're trying to modernize and migrate your legacy applications to the cloud or improve the performance, scalability, and support of your infrastructure, we got you covered. Our cloud computing consulting services company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Our Expertise

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud-native applications and infrastructures.

  • Leading provider in cloud
  • Perfect for growing companies

Microsoft Azure

Cloud-native applications and infrastructures.

Invest in Microsoft's suite of products

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Cloud-native applications and infrastructures.

Invest in AI & machine learning at scale

Digital Ocean

Growing cloud alternative for developers.

Low cost, high-performance, and simple

A Glimpse Into Our Talent

Bruno Santos

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Bruno is our go-to eCommerce expert with deep experience integrating applications with Shopify & Salesforce. He is incredible at architecting scalable solutions and integrating with other mobile, web and SaaS platforms. He's funny, kind-hearted, and one of the hardest workers we know.

Fernando Schuindt

Dev Ops Engineer

Fernando built his first computer at 6 years old and has been coding since he was 12. Over the course of his career, he’s built chat systems, fintech applications, and payment systems as a developer. He's great at solving complex problems, writes many technical papers, and always has a pulse of what's happening in tech.

4 Questions to Answer Before Moving to the Cloud

With the need and adoption of cloud solutions continuing to increase, we created a helpful guide for businesses to help them understand the questions they will need to answer to find the right cloud solution.


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