Get to Know Our VP of Engineering, Minh Quan Phan Huy

A pivotal member of the Foxbox team, Minh Quan Phan Huy seems to have the power to be 10 places at once. Whether he is onboarding a new engineer, or solving a highly technical problem, he is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to a client or team member in need.

We wanted to get to know Minh better, so we asked him to take a few minutes out of his busy day to answer a few of our burning questions.

Q: Thanks for talking with me, Minh! Tell me a little bit about your role at Foxbox Digital.

A: Of course! I head up the entire engineering team at Foxbox where I am responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing the team’s engineering strategy and process. I also recruit, train, and mentor new engineers which is something I really enjoy.

On some of our larger projects, like the telehealth mobile app we launched earlier this year, I serve as the lead architect establishing the technical design and scope.

Q: What made you want to come work at Foxbox?

A: I was really drawn to the people and the culture. When I met everyone during my interview, what really stood out to me was how dedicated the team was to solving real problems.

Throughout my career, I have seen projects fail because what we were building was trying to solve a hypothetical problem, instead of a real one. I could tell the team at Foxbox really cared about solving the right problems that were going to make the biggest impact for their clients.

Q: How has that culture at Foxbox impacted your role?

A: I think the key is investing in the right talent to help our clients succeed. One of the best parts of my role is that I source that talent, and mentor developers to improve their skill sets.

I’ve always wanted a role where I could be focused on supporting and mentoring a team. Engineers come to me throughout the day with a variety of different questions and concerns. It’s my job to make sure whenever they leave a conversation with me, they feel confident in what they should do next.

Q: What opportunities are you most excited for looking to the future of Foxbox?

A: Since I came to Foxbox over a year ago, we have grown so much both in our staff and our clientele. Initially we were focused on hiring strong React Native developers and project managers to support our teams.

Right now we’re really expanding the type of talent were bringing on. Over the past year I’ve hired some incredible backend engineers and QA engineers. Looking forward, I really see endless opportunity in terms of what projects we will take on next.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Foxbox?

A: Every day is different. I always come to work ready for anything!

Q: How do you enjoy spending time outside of work?

A: During the pandemic it’s been a bit tricky. I really love the restaurant scene in Chicago and trying different places to eat. Lately it’s been a lot of ordering in and cooking food at home.

I also love spending time outdoors – hiking, biking, and visiting different scenic locations. It’s nice to relax and clear my mind after a busy work week.

Q: What’s something that your colleagues or clients might not know what you that might surprise them?

A: People are always surprised to learn that I’m Canadian! Actually, French is my first language. I can speak three languages – French, English, and Vietnamese. Not many people know that.

December 7, 2020

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